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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

ROV Reviews

Depth Rating
up to 150 meters / 500 ft.
Speed (forward)
0-2 knots
355 mm / 14 inches
228 mm / 9 inches
215 mm / 8.5 inches
8 pounds
Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum
Input Power Voltage
100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
Input Power Requirements
Approximately 300 Watts
Temp. Range
32-122 degree F 0-40 degrees C
Operating Voltage in Tether
48 VDC

Horizontal: 1 port, 1 starboard
Vertical: 1 midship

Two 20-watt halogen: 1 port, 1 starboard

Length: 250 ft. / 75 meters
Diameter (nom): 0.4 in. / 10 mm
Neutral in Fresh Water

V I D E O R A Y   C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

AFFORDABILITY. The VideoRay starts at $11,495 (in the US,) a cost quickly justified when compared to commercial dive missions or funding the purchase, mobilization, staffing, and operation of larger ROVs.
PORTABILITY. One person can transport the tiny 8-pound sub, control box and tether. The entire system weighs less than 70 pounds and packs neatly in two rolling Pelican cases. The entire system fits in two Pelican cases that can be stashed in a car trunk or helicopter, or checked as airline baggage.
USABILITY. Driving the VideoRay is similar to operating a videogame. A specially trained ROV pilot is not needed. (In fact, kids raised on video games routinely put adults to shame running it.) The control box operated from land or boat includes a joystick, bearing and depth readings, and knobs for the 20-watt halogen lights and tilting and focusing the high-resolution camera. VideoRay is equally at home with a search and rescue team as with a yacht owner enjoying live views of a coral reef in St. Thomas.
SAFETY. Since VideoRay uses only 300 watts of power, a car or marine battery with inverter, small gasoline generator, or any 100-240 VAC outlet powers the control box and submersible. The current running through the tether to the submersible is a comparatively safe 48 VDC, rather than the possibly lethal 360-plus VDC used by other ROVs. This makes it safe for divers to handle the submersible in the water, and for kids to swim with it in a pool.

AFFORDABILITY. The VideoRay is depth rated up to 500 feet. Additional neutral, negative, and positively buoyant tethers can be added to extend the overall reach of the VideoRay up to 1,000 feet. Tethers are available in a variety of lengths to meet the needs of particular water conditions or projects.



We try to provide the most up to date, recent specifications on these ROV systems. However, ROV system specifications are changing all the time, so please double check with the manufacturer to insure the specifications are correct before making a decision in using or purchasing these systems.


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