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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

ROV Reviews

3000 meters / 9800 ft.
250 kg
3500 kg / 7700 lbs.
2997 mm / 118 inches
1727 mm / 68 inches
1981 mm / 78 inches

Surface Speed / Bollard Pull

-Forward/Reverse - 3.0 knots
-Lateral - 1.5 knots
-Vertical - 1.5 knots
-Bollard Pull - 800 Kgf

Main Hydraulic System

-100 or 150 shp Curvetech dual ended power pack.
-140 or 180 cc/rev constant power main hydraulic pump to suit shaft horsepower selected.
-Remote switching of hydraulics between full pressure and idle pressure.
- HP filter assembly.
-26 litre oil reservoir with integral pressure compensation, LP filter and return manifold.
-6 x 2.75 litre oil pressure compensators with analogue alarms.
-4 x Curvetech HT 380BA thrusters vectored in the horizontal plane
-3 x Curvetech HT 380BA thrusters in the vertical plane.
-1 x 8 function Curvetech servo valve pack with 7 thruster controllers and one tooling port servo with output to inline pressure reducing valve and -QDs for unidirectional, variable flow and manually adjustable pressure tooling port.
-2 x 10 function Curvetech solenoid valve packs with in line, external, flow controllers hard piped to connection manifold.
-1 x Pan and tilt unit.
-1 x Rotary actuator for camera mounting.
-Quick disconnects for deck cart and fill/drain connection.

Optional Auxiliary Hydraulic System Comprising:

-45 cc/rev auxiliary pump fitted to power pack.
-HP filter assembly.
-Reservoir with integral LP filter, compensation and return manifold.
-Auxiliary system compensation with analogue alarms.
-Auxiliary tooling valve pack with remote control of pressure and flow.
-The 2 x 10 way solenoid valve packs can be moved from the main system to the auxiliary system if preferred as a no cost option

Surface Control Unit

-3 or 4 bay 19 inch control racks with desks.
-Pilot's desk with pilot's controls.
-Observer's desk with observer's controls.
-1 or 2 blank desktops with 3 or 4 bay systems.
-Industrial PC with open architecture control software.
-Separate display PC with display and diagnostics software and 'black box' data logging facility including PDU monitoring.
-Logging and diagnostics can be exported/saved in PC compatible software programmes - Microsoft Excel and Access, for example.
-Top side distributed control using CAN bus.
-Facility to interface to a local network and the Internet.
-Industrial rack mounted monitor.
-PC Keyboard and drawer.
-Singe mode Prizm fibre optic de-multiplexer.
-Installation of video suite and surface accessories.
-Interface cabling.

Power Distribution Unit

-Designed to IMCA (formerly AODC) guidelines including MCCB lock off facility.
-2 Bay enclosure.
-Operates from 380 to 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz supply with transformer tapings in 20 V steps.
-Displays input supply voltage, current, frequency and phase rotation.
-Soft start.
-Remote control and display of ROV and TMS power at pilot's console.
-LIM systems on each HV supply in umbilical and alarms to vehicle control system.
-Auto switch off of subsea hydraulics initiated by low compensator alarm.
-130 KVA transformer for 100 shp ROV power pack with additional step up transformers for TMS and ROV electrics. A 200 KVA transformer is provided for 150 shp systems.
-Multifunction power monitoring of HPU, TMS and mains supply is routed to the control system via CAN bus and can be logged.

V E N O M     C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

-Venom is the flagship construction and intervention ROV in the Hydrovision range and is equally suitable for survey applications. The system comes with the latest Curvetech PC 104 based control system with its open architecture software and familiar Curvetech propulsion and hydraulics updated to the current standard for increased efficiency and performance.

-Venom ROVs can be provided with a single hydraulic system to control the thrusters and tooling outlets or with a main and auxiliary hydraulic system to separate the propulsion from the tooling hydraulics and with the addition of a versatile auxiliary tooling valve pack.


We try to provide the most up to date, recent specifications on these ROV systems. However, ROV system specifications are changing all the time, so please double check with the manufacturer to insure the specifications are correct before making a decision in using or purchasing these systems.


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