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Seabotix Rugged, Capable, Compact ROV's.

ROV Reviews

3000 meters / 10000 ft.
500 kg / 1100 lbs.
4876 kg / 10750 lbs.
3073 mm / 121 inches
1854 mm / 73 inches
2082 mm / 82 inches


220 SHP (2 ea 110 SHP
Hydraulic Power Units)

Hydraulic Flow Capacity: 90 Gallons Per Minute

4 x Cornered Vector
4 x Vertical

Fore/Aft/Lateral > 2,200 lbs
Vertical Lift > 2,900 lbs

Surface Controlled

Spare Tooling Valves:
5 each Directional Proportional Pressure and Flow
Valves (10 gpm each)
1 each Directional Proportional Flow Valve (up to 52 gpm @ system pressure)
19 each Solenoid Operated Rate Valves

Required Power: 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz

Lighting: 12 x 250 watts (3000 watts total)

1 x Digital Video & Stills
1 x Low Light Level
1 x Color 18:1 Zoom
1 x Domed P&T
1 x Aft
3 x Additional Camera Ports

Mesotech MS1000 color imaging sonar with 2305 High Resolution Sonar Head
TSS Meridian Gyro
Paroscientific Digiquartz depth transducer
Auto Depth/auto heading/auto altitude with full-time bathymetry display

1 x 7 function Schilling Orion Rate Controlled
1 x Shilling Titan III Spatially Correspondent
Optional center-mounted Grabber for heavy lifting

Video & Data:
16 each RS232 / RS485 Serial Channels (9 Spare)
8 Video Channels

Standard Tooling Packages:
1.25” Dia. Wire rope cutter, 1” fibre rope cutter
Ring gasket replacement tool package
TP03 dredge/jet pump, Rotary grinder/cutter/buffer
1 x 2500 psi @ 3.5gpm Intervention Pump w/2.5 gal.reserv.
High pressure (10,000 psi) intervention package

Control Consoles:
Pilot & navigator stations
Up to 42” HD Customer Display
DVD & SVHS Video Recorders
Direct Accessibility to Video & Data Multiplexers

10,000 foot - High-strength, Armored Opto-electro-mechanical

M A X X I M U M     C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

- The Hydra® Maxximum is a cage deployed, dual manipulator 300 HP work class ROV system. Enhanced thruster configuration provides center lift capacity of nearly 3,000 lbs and forward pivoted bollard lift capacity in excess of 1,800 lbs. The system employs a microprocessor-based telemetry system to minimize maintenance, decrease set up time, simplify troubleshooting, and provide more automated control functions. Tooling control is accomplished external to main telemetry in order to maintain both flight control and tooling control at maximum flexibility and efficiency.

- A direct fiber optic link between console and vehicle is the primary transmission path for all video and data signals. The link provides the finest quality video available in deepwater ROV technology as well as tremendous bandwidth for sensors and equipment.

- The Maxximum design evolved in response to extensive discussions with Customers who were looking for enhanced performance and work capabilities to support their deepwater drilling and field development programs worldwide.


We try to provide the most up to date, recent specifications on these ROV systems. However, ROV system specifications are changing all the time, so please double check with the manufacturer to insure the specifications are correct before making a decision in using or purchasing these systems.


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