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Sonavision - Press Release - August 8, 2005

Sonavision Ltd announce first deliveries of TITAN Scanning Sonar

Sonavision Ltd have completed the first series of deliveries of the Titan Scanning
sonar, one of the new generation of Sonavision sonars. The sonars will be used for
monitoring of diving operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sonavision’s US Distributor and newly appointed US service centre, Alternative
Positioning Services, were instrumental in finalising the design of Titan as the long
awaited successor to the highly rated SV4000 and negotiated the sale to Superior
Diving Inc.

Although, measuring only 226mm by 90mm, the TITAN has a maximum range of
300m and is the only sonar of its size with the performance of a high-resolution

Titan combines the acoustic performance of the SV4000 system with the size
reduction available using modern electronics yet retains the reputation of the SV
range of being solid and reliable.

TITAN uses special wideband 1:3 Piezo Composite Transducers. Benefits of using
composite transducers are enhanced beam control, optimisation of transmit and
receive and suppressed side-lobes to reduce false returns.

TITAN is available as a tuneable 250 -500kHz sonar The transducer uses separate
transmit and receive elements which maximises image resolution. TITAN is
manufactured in a stainless steel pressure housing for use in water depths down to
1000m, or in a titanium housing for depths down to 6000m.

TITAN is supplied with a shelled underwater mating connector (to make it compatible
with cables from older systems using SV4000, SV3000 and SV6000).
Communication is by RS232 or RS485 and TITAN can be used with PC, laptop or
Minerva SCU with Sonavision Software, which is available from the web and does not
require user licence or key. The TITAN is also backward compatible with SV2050,
SV2055 and SV2060 Surface Units.

For more information contact:
Andy Williamson
Sonavision Ltd
Tel: + 44 (0) 1224 707737

Notes to the Editor

Sonavision Company Background
Sonavision are world leaders in the fields of seabed mapping, imaging sonar and acoustic
communications and specialise in design, development and production of these
technologies for underwater data acquisition.

Sonavision has long and well established track record for design, manufacture and supply
of sonar and acoustic systems and has supplied the world's Navies and oil and gas
industry since 1979. Another of the products, the RoxAnn® Seabed Classification System
has been in use world-wide for over a decade. The underwater camera range
complements the acoustic and sonar products giving Sonavision’s customers the capability
to survey underwater with total confidence.

Board of Directors

Bob Wilkinson (Director) is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years experience in the
subsea industry. Bob began his career at Slingsby Engineering before moving to
Aberdeen to hold various senior technical positions. He is a design expert in the fields of
sonar electronics, underwater acoustics and related technologies.

Andy Williamson (Director) holds a B.Sc. B.Eng. from Strathclyde University and his first
position on graduating 19 years ago was Production Manager with Helle Engineering.
Since then he has held a variety of senior management positions within the subsea

Geoff Bush (Director) has held a number of directorships in the telecommunications
industry before joining the subsea industry. Geoff has a successful track record in
development of new technology, product launch to market and international distribution.


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