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NETmc Marine - Press Release - January 8, 2006

Recent orders for NETmc Marine

NETmc Marine is pleased to announce two yearend orders for their range of digital video recorders. Rovtech Limited have placed an order and taken receipt of their first DVR Inspector for use with their Panthers, Tigers and Lynx ROV fleet. Rovtech are one of the most active ROV companies in the acquisition of digital video and have for some time been promoting digital video as the future for the acquisition of video in the offshore market. Rovtech has been renting the DVR Inspector from NETmc Marine over the last 14 months and have used it on several of their structural inspection projects, so when they were buying a new ROV they decided that they would integrate a digital video system in to the spread instead of VCRs, having considered a wide range of digital video recording hardware they opted for the DVR Inspector.

Rovtech Project Manager, Gordon Kennedy, said “After deciding not to use VCRs we looked around to see what was available on the market, we have used the DVR Inspector extensively and realise that it is the ideal tool for our requirements. There are many DVD recorders on the market but they are overly complicated, can’t be networked and none of them do everything we want a recorder to do, the NETmc marine DVR Inspector is our DVR of choice and that of many of our customers.”

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
The unit Rovtech have bought includes all the new options from NETmc Marine 

  • Black Box operation;

Allows a separate video file to be stored on another hard drive, which overwrites itself after a certain time, ideal for HSE requirements.

  • Built-in video overlay;

This is configured to accept a range of industry standard formats including Taylor-Lann, Coabis and SCOPE. The Rovtech unit is configured with two serial inputs.

  • Audio level indicator LEDs on the front panel;

This gives a visual indicator that the recorder has an audio input.

The second order was from Diving Contractor Osiris Marine Services for a DVR Peli. Osiris Marine are involved in many types of diving operations from coastal inspection to tunnel surveys, and after a recent purchase of a small ROV Aiden West, owner of the company, wanted to find a DVR that would compliment this purchase and that could cope with this type of work, working in non dry environments. Again other products had been considered however the all in one DVR Peli, with its built-in display and full functionality, was deemed to be the best solution.

The DVR Peli will also be delivered with video overlay and the Black Box option, thus removing the requirement for a second recorder for HSE purposes.

Adrian West commented “Most of our clients expect digital video as a deliverable, the DVR Peli allows us to capture DV in a variety of formats and bit rates and supply the customer an easy to play file which he can play back on any P.C.” he added, I believe the DVR Peli could become and industry standard in the commercial diving world”

NETmc Marine also provide triple channel pipeline video acquisition equipment, the DVR Pro, which is capable of providing synchronised digital video pictures when played back in a suitable player.

New products due to be launched in 2006 include a single and multi channel video overlay and other video peripherals like line amplifiers and distribution boxes.
Contact details:

NETmc Marine Ltd

Dunnan Cottage
Cuminestown Road
New Deer
AB53 6TL

Te +44(0) 1771644001

Rovtech Ltd

Rovtech House
Cothal View
Pitmedden Industrial Estate
AB21 0BA

Tel: +44(0) 1224775527


Osiris Marine Services

Osiris Marine Services
35 Park Street

Tel +44(0) 1282 602392


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